2018 Moon Lodge Information and Schedule

CDDB Community Charity’s Moon Lodge is an annual event with the purpose of allowing women to come together to “Empower One Another”.  CDDB wishes to foster strong relationships among the women of the “Tribe”.

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Registration includes Cabin Lodging for the weekend, Meals on Saturday, Breakfast on Sunday, and participation in all activities.

This year the Women’s Warrior Games are coming back!  All our Ladies WWW2and Maidens will love showing their skills with weapons of old.  Come join the games.  Arrow Chucking with a modern bow at balloon targets, Nut Chucking at tin cans with a modern sling shot and good ole Stick Chucking with modern javelins (mop handles).

Competitors can choose to participate in individual events. or in all 3 events for the opportunity to be crowned Warrior Queen.
Competitors will receive instruction and safety information at the beginning of each event.  Safety Coordinators will be providing oversight of the field of play.   Any participant not following safety direction from the coordinators will be disqualified in that event and will be asked to leave the field.  Safety is our utmost concern while also providing a fun, friendly competition.
Winners from each event will receive recognition and prizes at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday night.
The competitor with the most points at the end of the day and that competed in all 3 events will be crowned Warrior Queen!  The Warrior Queen will be presented with special gifts.

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Attendance at this event requires acceptance of the Terms of Participation

2018 Moon Lodge Schedule

  • Friday, May 18
    • Arrive after 4pm – Only special volunteers and vendors will be allowed entry to camp before 4pm
    • Potluck Dinner 6pm – please bring a dish to share
    • Meet, Greet, and Socialize
  • Saturday, May 19
    • 7:00am-8:30am – Breakfast
      • Scrambled Eggs – Bacon – Biscuits – White Gravy – Chocolate Gravy – Banana Pudding – Fresh fruit – Coffee – Orange Juice
    • 9:00am – Women’s Warrior Games
    • 12:00-1:00pm – Lunch
      • Soups (Bean and Ham with Corn Bread, Harvest Potato) – Fresh Greens Salad
    • 1:30pm – Women’s Warrior Games
    • 5:00pm-6:30pm – Dinner
      • Fried Chicken – Baked Chicken – Smashed Potatoes  – Green Beans – Corn –  Fresh Greens Salad – Rolls
        Peach and Blackberry Cobblers with Vanilla Ice Cream
    • 8:00pm – Women’s Warrior Games Awards Ceremony
    • Bonfire and drumming.  Bring your drums and rattles.
  • Sunday, May 20
    • 8:00am – Breakfast
      • Pancakes with all the fixings – Fresh Fruit – Coffee – Orange Juice
    • 9:00am – CDDB Charity Raffle
    • 1:00pm – Check out
Coffee, Iced Tea, and Lemonade will be available in the dining hall throughout the weekend when the kitchen is open.
Dining Hall hours are Friday (4pm-10pm), Saturday (6am-10pm), Sunday (7am-12pm)
Vendors will be offering goods for sale in the basement of the Dining Hall.  The Vending Hall will be open the same hours as the Dining Hall.  The doors to both the Dining Hall and the Vending Hall will be locked after hours.

Vending is only $10 extra

Vendors will each receive an 8 foot x 8 foot slot in the Vending Hall.  Vendors will need to bring their own tables.  We also ask that you donate 1 item to the CDDB Charity Raffle to be held on Sunday at 9:00am in the Dining Hall.
Vendor Registration is Here!   This is in addition to the Attendee Registration