Did you see that event posted down below?  Moon Lodge Retreat: Women’s Warrior Weekend where attendees will be competing for the title of Warrior Queen!  The mission of that event is to bring together like-minded women to support one another, cheer for one another, and build a community.

We NEED to Get the Women there that NEED it Most!

CDDB Community Charity is offering a LIMITED number of scholarships to cover the registration fee to attend the Moon Lodge Retreat.  Applications are CLOSED.….. and we have more than we can cover!  You can help another deserving women attend this event.

As I said this is a limited number of scholarships.   Will it be enough??

Sponsor a Moon Lodge Scholarship for only $50 and send another deserving woman to this outstanding event!

Click this link for the Full Information:  Sponsor a Moon Lodge Scholarship

Mission Statement

CDDB Community Charity supports members of the earth centered spiritual community in the greater St Louis area in time of health crises and financial difficulties.  CDDB will provide economic and emotional support to the community member in the form of utility payments, groceries, medication assistance so that the member may focus on improving their situation.